My interest for quilts was born out of my love for early and colonial American history. Being from Southeast Asia, I had not had much exposure to quilts due to the fact that quilts are mainly a Western "thing". Through reading, I became aware of and loved the look of the Baltimore quilts, but still I didn't catch the quilting bug mainly because I didn't know how to sew.



I decided to give quilting a try years later after being repeatedly encouraged by a friend (Thanks, Barbara!), just so that I can say that I have somewhat "shared" an experience in quilting with the women I read about in history. Little did I know how much I would enjoy making my first quilt, and before I knew it, I was making my second, third, fourth, and fifth quilts!!

Updated October 2008
Currently, I have been published in:

1. The Quilter Magazine (March 2008, November 2008, Christmas 2008)
2. Quilting & Embroidery (Spring 2008, Summer 2008)
3. Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine (July/August 2008)

Upcoming features in (if all things go well):

1. Quilter’s World (February 2009, October 2009, sometime in 2010)
2. Bernina’s “Through the Needle” (November 2008, sometime in 2009)
3. Quiltmaker (sometime in 2009)
4. Quilting & Embroidery (sometime in 2009)
5. The Quilter (March 2009, May 2009)
6. Creative Machine Embroidery (March/April 2009, June 2009)


When I am not quilting, you would most probably find me reading a biography or something historical in nature, browsing through catalogs, smocking or doing heirloom needlework, cleaning my house, or attempting to garden.

This page will be updated periodically so that I can tell you more about myself. Do come back again!

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